Brand-Driven is

female founders for digital creative agency in berlin

We are Johanna and Emma. Since 2015 we’ve been bringing products and brands to life. Emma is a serial founder, marketeer, and a former journalist. Johanna is a founding team operator, designer, and a former painter.

We like to build new digital companies and revitalise existing ones. Together, we have created digital brands and products worth around half a billion euro. WOW right? We believe branding and how it relates to product and marketing is one of the most misunderstood areas of company building. We’ll work alongside you and your team to create beautiful, performant brands, products, and brand marketing campaigns.

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From Irish: scéal (genitive singular scéil, nominative plural scéalta or scéala). a story, a tale.

We do three big things.

And a lot of little things.

We create brands

We build brand identities, from name and logo to font and tone of voice.

We productise brands

We connect brand and product, via beautiful websites and intuitive product design.

We scale brands

We create videos, podcasts, and other campaigns to get your brand known and loved.

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